Friday, February 27, 2009

Hayden-A Tough Little Guy

Hayden had a very big day today. He was taken off his ventilator @ 10:00am, 15 mintues before I arrived. Great way to start the day. He tugged at the tube in his mouth, letting the nurses know that I am tough and can do this on my own. His IV was then taken out for his pain med. After that wore off, he really started waking up. Ga-Ga (Mary) visted during lunch, and Hayden had his first breast milk of his life. Hanna, Shane (my good friend) and I were able to have lunch outside listening to the waterfall, while catching up on life and parenthood. We even got to enjoy a dance routine by Hanna to Lady Ga Ga's song, "Dance" on my phone. Not to be confused by Grandma Ga-Ga. After lunch Shane and I went to visit our little guy and to my surprise the Dr's cleared Hayden to be held for the first time and I was able to feed him also. When I told Adrienne, she was very happy and a little bit jealous. Adrienne demanded she be released from the hospital (Dr's had already given her the green light. At 4:00, Adrienne was officially realeased from Seton Main Hospital. She was able to visit Hayden for the first time in the NICU today. Immediately upon our arrival, Adrienne started breast feeding Hayden. Let me tell you he is quite the eater and latched on right way. Our gratitute goes out to our Father in Heaven for the continued blessings that we are receiving and the constant calming comfort of the Holy Ghost. What a strength Hayden has been to our entire family. Love to all.

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