Friday, September 21, 2012

Just over half way is half full

We are trying our best to get all our travels in as much as possible before the new baby comes and we are just too tired for anything fun.  We have had a fun packed summer and feel blessed for the great news of a healthy baby boy.  This summer we drove all through the south to Florida getting to travel through states that we have never been (Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama).  Shortly upon our return we had my youngest sister, Julia, come visit for a month from Montana.  When it came time for us to return her, we all flew to Salt Lake City to meet my brother, John's, newest son (4 under 4...Banks) and then took the next week driving to Montana through Utah and Idaho.
Full time in maternity clothes 15 weeks and 15lbs already.  Just getting wider and fuller in the face each day. Since blogger says I exceeded my quota for photo storage, you can't see the 4d ultrasound.  Those will have to follow at a later date.  The photo above was from Hanna's school science feely fair today as I am 22~23 weeks along.
Hayden started swim therapy and started kicking his legs back and not just curling them up.
A lunch stop in NOLA with the kids was enough on our way to Florida.
 Best beach I have ever been to.  Hanna swims like a fish.  Wonderful trip enjoyed with our friends the Estrada family.
Scott carried Hayden in the backpack and he loved making sand castles.
Sister Julia (15) came and stayed a whole blessed month with us and swam nearly every day with Hanna.  This teenager was a pure delight.  I really could use another mini mom in my house.
Hayden finally got a hot summer play date and pretended to drive a fire truck with BFF Josiah.
Hanna & Hayden photo bombing Drake and Bubba in Utah.
Hayden playing with cousins Drake and Conrad in Utah.
Gwen and Ralph came all the way to MT to visit all the Montana Hannas and wish Scott and Anna (50th) a happy birthday.
One of our many stops along the way.  Julia loved riding between the two kids for 12 hrs.
What you don't have a horse and tepee in your back yard?!  Well my dad does!

Yes I am the oldest of 10 kids and yet my family adopted one more, Kyle, on the far right now serving a LDS mission in Russia.  The only kid missing from this picture is my brother, Porter, serving a 2 year LDS mission in Brazil.
Hayden found Mater in Red Lodge, MT and had to give him a kiss.
My brother Michael and his wife Kelley on our trip to the Billings, MT temple.

I will try and do my best to update my blog as long as blogger doesn't keep trying to stop my photo uploading.  Next up...Hayden is getting his new power wheelchair any day.  We are so excited after waiting nearly a whole year.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Exciting News

Riddle me this:  What do pickled beats, being knock out tired, thinking you have a UTI because you have to go to the bathroom so much, breaking out like you are a hormonal teenager, feeling bloated & sea sick all day, and lucky number 13 have in common?  The SURPRISE of finding out that we are expecting baby #3 coming soon in January of 2013!
This indeed was a shock as we had been told by our embryologist that we had less than a 1% chance of conceiving naturally.  After much heart ache in the 5 years it took to have our little girl Hanna, and after IVF with several complications to have our little Hayden, it took us by complete surprise when we found out that we would have #3 after 13 years of marriage.
Needless to say we are in a state of shock at this time.  We are excited but cautiously optimistic.  We have had two ultrasounds so far and the baby appears to be healthy.  We are scheduled to see our wonderful perinatologist on the 16th of July for much further specialized testing.
Both kids are really excited about having a new baby.  Hanna is convinced that she should have a baby sister.  Maybe by next post we’ll know.

Additional monthly news...Hanna graduated from Rise preschool and Hayden got to go surfing.  Here are a few of the FB pics that you may have already seen.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dance Recital & Scott's 1st Olympic Capital of Texas Triathlon

While Hanna didn't like practice all that much, she sure loved performing.
So pleased with herself!
Brother Hayden loved watching and clapping!

Scott has been training a long time and has been committed.  The "Olympic distance" is (1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) swim, 40 kilometres (25 mi) ride,  and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) run)

Next the Half Ironman..(1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) swim, 90 kilometres (56 mi) ride, and 21.1 kilometres (13.1 mi) run)
Hayden loved giving everyone a high 5 to all the runners.  The runners loved it too.  He was most excited to see his Daddy!
Hanna loves sweaty kisses!
This is where we cheered and looked for Daddy.
Scott finished the race just getting over his bronchitis.  Hanna's not sure about that smooch.
We are all so proud of Scott.  Way to celebrate our 12 year anniversary.

After baking in the sun, Hayden cooled off in by playing for his first time in the sprinkler park.

He was a little hesitant at first but then he began using his karate moves on the sprinklers.
We are counting our blessings this weekend with all that we were able to enjoy and welcoming our new little nephew/cousin Thomas Banks Hanna to the family

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scott's 1st half marathon, Hogge Family visit & Easter

We had the best time cheering on Scott and congratulating at his first 13.1 mile race!  We traveled to Waco for the Bearathon half marathon held at Baylor University.
It was a beautiful but hilly course and we were all so proud that he ran in his Spina Bifida shirt that he bought for the NYC marathon team.
Handsome Hayden and Beautiful Hanna's Rise School pictures.  We were so pleased we bought the whole CD.  If you want any, just let us know:).

Fancy Nancy's teacher's name is Ms. Glass.  Well so is Hanna's.  She loves Ms. Glass and thinks she is pretty fancy in her shirt she made in class.
Hayden wasn't really into the candy but loved collecting eggs.  

The Rise school Easter egg hunt.  Hanna and Hayden are by the funny looking bunny.
Hayden's teacher is Mr. D. He is so wonderful with the little kids and especially Hayden.

Bear Paw and Kiki came to Austin for Easter and we all rode the new commuter train.  Hayden is obsessed with trains.  Photos curtesy of Hanna.

Hanna is a tinsy bit competitive.  She was on a mission to get those eggs.

Hayden chillin' wondering what all the big deal was about these eggs.

All the egg hunting made Hanna work up a sweat and who knew that April would be our first trip to the pool.
Hanna bought her own Easter dress.  She even picked it out on-line as she was very specific about what she wanted.  She saves good behavior/chore marbles in a jar and when she earns enough, she can get something she has wanted for a long time.  She was ecstatic to say the least when the package arrived.
Our third egg hunt was on Easter in our back yard.
Bear Paw and Kiki had to head home but we had a wonderful visit.