Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Antiques Roadshow Book of Mormon Appraisal in Dallas

I love the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. I am trying once again to get tickets to go to the show this year while they are in Denver. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I might be successful this time.

This was a cool appraisal of an original printing of the Book of Mormon that took place in Dallas.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

34 Weeks

Feelin' large. Notice the swelling has started in my hands, feet and face and of course my cute sidekick in the bottom left corner of the picture. Hanna is wanting me to carry her more and more and she pats my tummy and says baby to everyone. I think she understands that there is another baby joining the family from the new crib, to the new big sister books, the new baby dolls and her favorite the Dora's a big sister video.
I have going to see Dr. Nash now weekly to monitor me for pre-eclampsia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preeclampsia. I developed significant swelling with Hanna at about 30 weeks and gained weight much faster. So far everything is good and it is just usual swelling.

New Chair from Nana & Poppy

Yeah...the world's most comfortable rocker recliner came today and Scott, Hanna and Domino couldn't be more pleased. Hopefully, Hayden will get to enjoy it as much.

Bathroom Home project

This was the tiny living room bathroom wallpaper/mod podge project that took me WAYYYYY to long to do. I started in October and finished in December. Thanks to Scott for letting me do something so girly.
I am glad to have all my projects done before the little guy arrives.

Nesting for Hayden

We have all been in the busy process of working on Hayden's new bedroom to welcome him home. Hanna and I painted and decorated Hayden's room and Scott painted all the furniture. The cost to do his room was very inexpensive as we already had old pine furniture and I found a crib on Craig’s list. The rest took time to make over several months.
My discount creative finds and work:
1. Painting: I decided to paint a striped room which took much more prep than I ever imagined. My spendy item was on 4 gallons of no VOC paint from Sherwin Williams. I highly recommend it for baby nurseries and prego moms since it is environmentally friendly with no harsh paint smell, covers well and there are many colors to choose from. Hanna also got into the art of painting.

2. Crib: I found an old fashioned pastel blue crib that I had been searching for on Craig’s list at 1/3 the price and it was being sold in the neighborhood across the street:). I found clearance designer bedding for $30 and clearance lamps at Hobby Lobby and made matching lamp shades.

3. Curtains: I found double bracket curtain rods that are normally $28 each (I needed 8) for $3 each at the Pottery Barn outlet. I searched the web and found sale drapes from 2 different places that mixed & matched.

4. Name Letters: This was a fun project. I found $2 unfinished letters at Hobby Lobby and decided I would try Mod Podge gluing custom matching paper to them to match the room. Super simple and the ribbon and painted star nail head covers copied an expensive look off a designer boutique nursery idea.
5: Knobs: I finished off with helping Scott decorate the furniture with hand painted mod dot knobs $1 each.

Scott's creative work: Scott had refinished 2 family heirloom pieces of furniture for Hanna’s room that he had to sand and stain and it took weekends for nearly all 9 months to complete. This time with Hayden, he was able to refinish our old pine wardrobe for the changing table/bookcase and nightstands along with he and his dad's childhood pine dresser. Since he didn’t need to sand, he was able to prime and paint them all a shade darker than the wall's swatch color.
We are very pleased with all our work and the inexpensive results of Hayden’s room. We are grateful for and eagerly anticipating a chair on its way from Ralph and Gwen (aka Poppy and Nana) for Hayden‘s room. We took Paige’s expert advise and are getting a comfy rocker recliner to sleep in Hayden’s room should the need arise.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Due Date 2/24/09

Happy New Year 2009!
Hanna and I went to the doctor today and got confirmation that the hospital is all set to deliver Hayden via c-section on 2/24/09. I am now meeting once a week with my OBGYN and have only asked for once a month ultrasounds from my Perinatologist. I know I can be quoted as saying that you could never have too many ultrasounds, but after having nearly 2 dozen only half way through my pregnancy and dragging a 2 year old to the doctor, it lost some of the excitement.

The best news is no new news with Hayden. No new developments. He continues to kick and with much greater force ;). His brain continues to look the same and all the doctors are consistant in saying we can only wait and see how he will function when he is born.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hayden. We remain very hopeful.