Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Year, New Baby

 The first Sunday of the new year was a Happy Day!!!  Hayden became a Sunbeam in Sunday School with all the support of the cute ladies.

Baby Shower

 I felt such love and so blessed to have so many loving church friends offer to host a lovely shower for my new little boy.
My friend Karen and I shared our baby shower (my 3rd and her 6th) and delivered 10 days apart.

Special Delivery

2 weeks later....this is where I ended up
After 1 false start, I woke up at 3 am, my first time ever in labor, determined to have a baby.  Upon registering in labor and deliver, Scott and I saw this poster up in the hall.  Hayden and I are local celebrities at the Seton network of hospitals.  I didn't even know our picture was up on this unit until we were greeted by our same nurse, Sarah, that helped us through our journey with Hayden 4 years ago.

A special thanks to our friends, Tami, Pam & Melanie who gave us the greatest gift of taking care of our two kiddos while we were at the hospital bringing this one into the world...

The best thing that I accomplish all year will be the delivery of our beautiful, healthy, Garrett Harrison, born 7lbs. 8oz. 20 inches long.  Delivery was a wonderful experience having a successful v-back and having our Dr. Nash deliver our 3rd child.  

With God's grace Garrett continued to be healthy after I delivered him while I had the flu. Days later I made a trip to the emergency room.  Not only had I given birth while having the flu, I continued to slip further away from health and developed a terrible case of pneumonia. I am very happy to report that I have made a full recovery and can enjoy health again.

Two days old, going home picture.
Gaga was here meeting the little Garrett at one day old.  She flew out and stayed the first week helping take Hanna & Hayden back and forth to school and feeding us all well.  It was a tough week for us all and a blessing she was here to help during such a hard sick time for us adjusting to a new life.  A friend once said she thought having her mom visit & help with her new baby would be a luxury, but soon realized is was a necessity.  This rings very true.

 One week old newborn picture.

Hanna and Hayden love being big helpers.


Hanna's special delivery for a big task she had been working on was receiving her princess castle.  She earned this and was very happy with this delivery!

Scott also paid me a nice valentine's/push present surprise.  He put together on a necklace several keys with a heart locket representing each of our 3 children.

Fun Times at School

 The kids had been missing their Rise school teachers so they allowed us to make a visit with our new addition.
 Hanna was thrilled to pay a lunch visit to Ms. Glass

Hayden breaks my heart when he saw Mr. D.  He was so AWESOME with Hayden and formed such a special bond.

 Two of the BEST teachers who will always have a special place in our hearts.

Hanna also loves her class at her new school.
Scott helped Hanna celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten.
Kiki came to visit and took Hayden to his school's box car parade where we were thrilled that he got to use his Mater costume once again.  He was the hit of the school.  The assistant principal thought we made the costume just for the parade.

One Month Old/ 4 Years Old

Bear Paw and Kiki came to meet their new grandson and celebrate with us.  Garrett turned one month old.

Hayden celebrated turning 4 with our family at his choice, Chucky Cheese!

All of the kids had a wonderful visit with Kiki and Bear Paw.  They got cuddled and got to see all the magic tricks that make Bear Paw so magical & Garrett never cried as long as Kiki was cuddling him.

We also had the opportunity to have Barry, Chase & Kristin come and watch Scott offer a baby blessing and name for Garrett at our first sunday back at church.

This post will be our last at our lovely home we have enjoyed for the past 7 years as we make our move to an apartment while I build our new home under my new company, Barrier Free Construction.  Here is to hoping our home sells quickly!