Monday, March 25, 2013

Movin' on up... and out

 Our home listing is official!
The move was a challenge with a one month old baby and moving into an apartment a third of the size of our home.  I know, I know, who would move with a newborn?  The timing seemed to be right (we have had showings nearly every day) and much better than trying to show a home with 3 kids, therapists or a nurse in the home daily.  Click the purple link above and see the pictures if you are interested in purchasing a home in Austin, TX!  

A year ago we made the decision to build a home that was more suitable to ALL our needs.  After researching our options in our budget, we soon realized we would have to significantly downsize if we could afford an accessible home.  That is when I started the process of creating Barrier Free Construction.  We decided to take the leap of faith and work on building our own barrier free home.  After a year of planning, our new home will be located just about a mile away and plans are with the county for permitting!

It has been a difficult month, but it is all worth it for these little ones.
Garrett turned 2 months old!  He is a pure delight and such a good baby.  We cherish him every day.
At 2 months he is already 13 lbs, 55% for weight but 75% for height.  He has outgrown all the newborn clothes and is already in a size 2 diaper.  Most of the hair on the top of his head has fallen out but there seems to be lots more growing in.

Hanna has become a great big sister.  She wants to hold and kiss him constantly.
 She thinks she is grown up now too.  She walked all over with these pink glitter shoes.
She got her first of course.  It was supposed to help her stop biting her nails.

 She made and sold her paper flowers at the school shop.  She is an artist and loves to cut and glue.

 For Spring Break, we went to an accessible theme park in San Antonio.  It is wonderful for everyone!
 Except, Hayden got really sick this day on our way.  The very next day we went to the ER to be checked out for possible shunt failure due to the symptoms he had.  All the imaging came back clear and he was discharged with a follow up flow study if symptoms continue.

You can see he just wasn't feeling himself.  The picture below made us happy because my mom works for Boeing and they were a supporter of some great projects there.

 Hayden loved riding the dragon.
 Hanna loves this ride.
 That is mom wearing Garrett under the blanket asleep.
 Fishing lake.
Hanna put the happy face sticker in the middle of his head. 

 Riding the train and playing the conductor.
Hayden loved saying "all aboard".  He is obsessed with Thomas the Train and anything train related.  he wanted to know the name of the conductor and the train the whole way down.

Sunday Scott spent the day at the ER with Hayden.  Monday, I spent the day at the ER with Hanna.  Poor Hanna was playing at school and while running tripped and landed on her arm, breaking both bones.  She had to have anesthesia and have her arm reset twice.  It was terrible.
 When we got home, she was sure glad that at least the splint was pink.

Garrett continues to be cute and healthy.

Here is looking forward to selling our home and settling into our new "normal."