Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great day today. Here is a sneak peak of our Thankful day!

This is the dessert buffet!
Hayden was his handsome, happy self. He ate his first mashed potatoes.
Hanna loved the chocolate fountain best!

This is Hayden's borrowed stander until his fancy metal custom one is made. Check out those cute legs!

He loves his stander as long as Hanna is a nice sister.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great Video about Spina Bifida

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Week

This week has been a big one for us. On Monday, we almost lost our wonderful 8 year old dalmation, Domino, to a ruptured bladder. After rushing him to the vet hospital, he had surgery to repair his bladder and has been recovering for the past few days. We are excited to take him home tomorrow.

Hanna had her first "hair" cut -- just shy of 3 years old. It was a small curly lock that had her looking mulletish. This was hard for her momma to do but she didn't even notice.

Hayden also got approved for Medicaid!!! This provides many things for us all including his first in-home RN to help with respite care. This is a great thing.

Today was also a great day. Hayden got fitted for a stander from his PT. The stander is to help him start bearing weight on his feet and legs. He absolutely loved it!!! His PT said in all her years she had never seen a baby take to it as well. He looked like such a big boy upright, not like the baby I cradle in my arms.

I was overly emotional to see him love it so much. A custom stander runs about $3,000 and will take 3 months to order. Fortunately, medicaid along with our private insurance provider should be picking up the tab. He also will be fitted for ancle braces (AFO's) and got a chair ordered to help him sit upright and a chair for his bathtub to help him take baths.

Also, as to the update for Hayden's eyes, we will continue to patch them for another 2 months.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pics

We sure had a lot of fun with Kristin/Kiki and Barry/Bear Paw's visit from Albuquerque. Hanna got to wear her costume 4 times so she got lots of trick or treating in. Hanna decided to be a butterfly princess and Hayden was a pirate with his patch. This is Hanna saying cheeseburger!
Hanna has recently been showing us her 2 year old trick/tantrum if she didn't get her daily treat(s). We love our visitors and we all had a great time!