Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hayden's Post Surgery Update

I am happy to announce that Hayden's 2 1/2 hour surgery on Wednesday went very well. He went to the OR at 12:30, where we waiting about 30 minutes for the Neurosurgeon, Dr Lee to arrive. I was briefed by the Anasesiologeist on the local he would be given, the muscle relaxer and met the whole team that would be assisting in Hayden’s surgery. About 6 total. Of course he was also on a ventilator during the procedure. At 1:00 he went into surgery and came out at 3:00. Dr Lee and his nurse did a post surgery briefing, where we were able to conference call Adrienne to give her the good news. He did great; the shunt was put in first with no complications. Next was an incision made on the back of his head, picture attached below and a second one (smaller) on his belly. I could not get a picture of that since he has to be on his belly until full recovery. The lesion closure went very well also with no complications. Since it was large, about the size of a silver dollar pancake the Drs had a lot of skin to work with and were able to close the lesion with a vertical incision. He was then brought back to the NICU by our favorite nurse Lei and a few others where he was comfortably placed on his bed. At 9:00PM when I went to visit him at Dell to say good night and drop off what mommy had pumped that night he was sound, sound asleep. The ventilator was on low...low, which is great and he will probably be off of it later in the night or early tomorrow morning. Showers of blessings have been poured upon us and once again Heavenly Father is completely in control of what is happening here. Truly we are witnessing a wonderful miracle of heath, strength and a calming peace that is the Holy Ghost letting us know that everything is going to as planned. Knowing that he is doing well I had a good nights rest at the wonderful Ronald McDonald House next door and I am sure that Adrienne slept well too. Love to our Family and Friends.


ldspeyer said...

Oh, we are soooo glad that all is going well. Hayden looks like a handsome guy--even from the back :-)
Our prayers continue to be with each of you.

Shawneen said...

What a blessing. Thank you for giving us an update! We have all been thinking of you and praying for your sweet baby boy! Our best to you in the recovery process--mom and baby both!
The Williams

The Cochran Family said...

Oh, I am moved to tears when you talk about these sweet little spirits being watched over by our father! I am sooo sooo glad that you are doing well! When you get home we will defin. have to get together again. He is beautiful. Cute as a button!

Brian said...

We love you guys!!! Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful news and pictures of the most handsome Hayden!!! Adrienne, of course you look absolutely beautiful as usual!! Don't you know you aren't supposed to look that good after a c-section?! Brian is going to start asking questions now!!! :) Our prayers are with you now for speedy recoveries all around! :)
Love, Tasha & Fam

Nette said...

Hayden is absolutely adorable! I'm so glad to hear the surgery went well. Becky and I have been talking about your family and remembering what Christopher's first days were like. He is such a blessing to everyone who knows him as I'm sure Hayden will be and already has been. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Lynette Speyer

El Jefe said...

What a blessing. It is wonderful to see the Lord blessing you. Thanks for sharing it with us. He looks like Scott. Lucky. We continue to pray for you all.

The Harwards