Monday, February 13, 2012

New Year fun in 2012

A long overdue play date with Hayden's BFF Josiah.  Both boys have Spina Bifida.  Hayden's new thing is to wink and then after we all start laughing a good one, he hangs his head in embarrassment. 

The kids love to take a train ride around the mall with their Dads.

Hanna also had a great time going to an older friend's(7) birthday party.  She even got a big girl hair style for the party.

 Hayden loves his Rise school and teacher Mr. D.  
Mr. D does a great job at making everything accessible to Hayden.  He can play in the gym with his walker.

 He can participate at school with a special chair and strap.  Here he is making a porcupine out of a potato and toothpicks to help with fine motor skills.  The tongue is something inherited as a thinking face from their ol' Dad.

This is Hayden's cute girlfriend helping him get his feet up on his bike.  She looks after him and he loves it.
 This is Hanna and her school best friend.  They both are curly haired wild girls.
 Hanna's fun Rise class celebrating 100 days of preschool.  She loves her fancy Nancy teacher Ms. Glass.

 Hanna and I tie dyed a shirt to have a pattern of 10 and her name has exactly 10 letters.
Every day was a special dress up theme.  This was Hawaiian day.

Sled Hockey:
 Hayden's first introduction to the sport.  A first for Austin.  All the sleds were donated and so many people turned out, every sled was used.  We hope there are many more events like this.

 We will bring gloves next time.  Hayden's hands were freezing.

Visit from Pappy:
We did everything we could while Dad was in town.  The weather was gorgeous.  We toured all of Austin and San Antonio.

 Pappy came from Montana.  The kids adore him.  They asked for him right when they would wake up.
On a tour of Austin, we parked at the Capital building next to Dad's dream car.  Not many of those in Billings.

 Here was my last gift I made in 2010 for all of Hayden's Dr.'s and staff that performed his 7 surgeries.
My 2012 candy bouquets are much prettier and just for the teachers at the Rise School.  With 6 teachers between the two kids, I had a lot to do.  

 I used recycled jars and made candy wrappers for each bar.  I love the way they turned out.  If you are on Pinterest, you'll see my inspiration.