Friday, January 4, 2013

Recap of 2012

I have been long overdue blogging.  I have been busy with the countdown of welcoming our new baby boy due in a few more days.  Attached are a few of the baby/mommy growth pictures with a little hello from the ultrasound.

 At 34 weeks we graduated as being "heathy" from the perinatologist.  Oh how we miss the 2 hr ultrasounds taking a peak at the little guy.

Thomas the Train was our big family outing this Fall.  The kids were out of their heads excited to ride the train.  Thus feeding the Thomas addiction.
 We were all so proud to see Scott compete and complete his first ironman competition.  We were exhausted just being spectators and couldn't imagine how Scott felt after swimming biking and running all day.  We couldn't be more proud!
 Scott's parents flew out from Albuquerque to cheer and support him in the race.
 Hayden got to test out his new power wheelchair that was on order for nearly a year.

 Halloween was a blast this year!  We attended as many parties as we could.  Hayden and his best friend Josiah were matching McQueen and Mater best friends too.  Their mommas worked hard on their costumes.
 Hanna loves butterflies and face painting so this was her favorite costume yet!

My brother, John & sister Kate & I all worked hard being involved in politics this year too.

November was filled with wonderful visits from family.  Nana & Poppy came out for a visit and celebrated Nana's birthday & Thanksgiving was wonderful with Scott's brother Chase moving to Austin from Albuquerque.  

Hanna turned 6 with a small family party but a big surprise visit from her Gaga.
 Hayden had his first wheelchair accident on the school playground and a short ER visit.  Thankfully nothing seriously wrong was noted but his chin is still healing.
 Barrier Free Construction, purchased its first piece of land to build our dream accessible home and start our new business.

Hanna & Hayden loved Christmas & having Uncle Chase in Austin is the best!

Hanna especially loved Christmas morning, sneaking all the presents into Hayden's room to open them ALL before the parents walked in.

Happy New Year 2013!  The new Trigg baby boy addition to be the next post on our family blog coming shortly!