Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 Hayden is crawling everywhere and loving scooting on the new floors.
 Kristin and Barry came for a visit. Since they left, Hanna hasn't stopped saying that she wants to turn into a bird so she can fly to Kiki & Bear Paws house.  Bear Paw was the real hit with his magic trick finger lights.  They got to see both horse riding lessons, feed the baby goats and see Hanna play soccer.  It was wonderful to have them here.  Scott and I even managed to enjoy a few wonderful free date nights.  We love family visits.

 Last weekend, like only in Texas, Lakeway had a citywide free egg hunt for the kids with tons of fun events.  Hanna and Hayden loved it and so did we.

 This is Hanna's favorite picture of herself.  She can't get enough of it.
 Here is Hanna on the take in the center.  Her BFF is in the blue dress in the back.
 Her hunt was just for the 4 & 5 yr olds.
 Hayden and I crushed the 1 & 2 yr old hunt while we strolled right up to the eggs.
 Hayden not very impressed with the "prize" inside the egg.
 Hayden got his first tattoo making glitter tough and cool.
More Easter pictures to follow.  This is all for now.