Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week in Review

My two favorite people.
Hanna at 20 months old and climbing all over. She rides Domino and sometimes gets bucked off...that is the bruise from 1 week ago.

14 weeks pregnant

I had another ultrasound to check on my 6 cysts and the good news is I got to see the baby again. 2 of the 6 have reduced and the other 4 are not growing. Each cyst measures the size of the baby's head but each cyst should continue to shrink.
The technician also said that the baby was looking like it had boy parts:) It sure looked like it to me. We will know for sure in 3 more weeks.

Relief from the HEAT

Guess Who???

No this isn't some dead Texas critter. This is what remains of the11 inches of hair that I cut off.

I feel great knowing that I am donating it to either Pantene Beautiful Lengths for cancer patients wigs or to Locks of Love for children who have cancer. Pantene distributes the wigs for free through select American Cancer Society wig banks across the country and Locks of Love represent children. It takes at least six ponytails to make a wig, so anyone else up for it?

Here it was all the way down my back. The braid is still wet after 2 whole days & this was just the back of my hair.

Monday, August 25, 2008

12 Week Ultrasound

You can never have too many ultrasounds. I am very blessed in this department. This is from last week and we get another this week. I am feeling great in my second trimester and was recently able to return to the gym. You can see a strong heart at 163bpm and a good picture of the round head and strong spine. That was all we could get because the baby was moving around so much. I have started to feel little flips reassuring me that there is a baby in me. I was measuring right to the day 12w1d. The twin has not yet been absorbed as well as the cysts. This knowledge makes sense as to why I am somewhat larger than I would be without this condition. Hanna thinks it is funny to poke my belly but I don't think she understands that there is a baby in there.

Monday, August 11, 2008

11 Week Ultrasound

These are our newest ultrasound pictures. It was a good day to see the baby doing so well and flipping about. We also learned that I have 6 cysts on my ovaries due to the fertility drugs and I am on physical restriction until they are gone. This baby continues to develop well and we are very excited for this new little life.

Colorado Visit

Dad, Hanna and Aunt Julia on good ol' Mooders Hanna's Great Grandma and Grandpa Spencer

Spencer Family

Last week we made a trip to Colorado to visit family. We got to see all of the Spencer family, our friends in Denver, The Swiss Family Lengacher in Guffey and even Dad and Julia. We had a great time. Hanna was spoiled with attention and it was great to see everyone healthy and happy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Projects:
Bathroom - Our entire bathroom is being ripped out and remodeled. For the past several months we noticed that there was water damage and here is what was under the tile. We haven't had access to our bathroom for weeks but are getting all new tile in our bathroom and in the guest bathrooms and it should be beautiful when finished.

Hail damage- next project we need new gutters, window trim, stucco repair, screens, ac units and a whole new roof.
It sure will be nice when all of this is done and I don't have random men walking in an out of our home.
9 weeks pregnant & bloated