Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day 10 more days to go

We only have 10 days to go and already my body is getting totally ready. For the past two days, my right leg has decided to quit working as the relaxin in my hip and pubic joint has made me a wobbly mess. Hayden might be quite the dancer like Hanna too. He does an amazing jello like thing to my belly every night about 10pm. The non-stress test went well for Hayden as far as his heart and amniotic fluid. We'll be in again this week for another.
Today we made it to the Sesame Street Live play where Hanna was totally amazed with Elmo and the whole cast. We had a blast. FYI, the bump on Hanna's head is from playing too hard at the play yard. Here is a pretty bad video and some pics of our fun day. I also have it on you tube.

We have also been trying to keep Hanna busy with play dates so she doesn't get too board with her slow momma. Her two friends Bairn and Blake came and brought her a valentine.

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