Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Happenings

Wow, I am getting really behind by blogging only once a month. Here is our September breakdown:

Hanna happily started back to preschool twice a week. She didn't have a lot of the same kids in her class this year because many of them went to three days a week. Although, this year she gets to see many of her friends from church in different classes. She loves preschool almost as much as her mommy.
Hayden had his 18month doctor's check up, Spina Bifida Clinic and started church nursery. All were very big events that in hindsight caused his mom and dad a lot of unnecessary emotional anxiety. We surely want to express our gratitude for all of the Facebook love and prayers for our little guy that gave us hope and now gives us peace. Here is what I posted on FB:

Hayden got a brain MRI, ultrasound of kidneys and x-ray of hips. Haydendid great. All clear on everything!

Before we go we think, have we done enough with his therapy? Have we been faithful enough to receive spiritual
blessings? Have we been observant enough of his needs? Then we say to ourselves, he is happy and seems to be healthy. We exhale and hold our breath again trying to have patience and faith and know we have done all we can. Here we have to leave it up to God and this is the hardest part.

It was an exciting emotionally loaded day. Thankfully when it was over, I got to crash and take a nap with my kids. The Neuro said we are clear for a full year! And the Urologist said the kidneys are clear so we don't need to cath for another 6 months.
As for me, I pulled off a large Back to School Enrichment/Relief Society meeting with 3 great teachers (including my hubby as the Ward Employment Specialist). Our Ward is so huge, that the attendance is great. And our big news next Sunday is that our Ward is splitting for the second time in 5 years. Change can be hard and exciting.

I continue to train for my 2nd half marathon in Denver and my 1st marathon in Houston on New Years Day. I do this all in the hopes that I can run NYC next year on behalf of Spina Bifida with my Blogging/FB friend Liz. I am inspired by so many of these kids with Spina Bifida. Recently I posted on FB about an amazing kid Aaron Fotheringham's "Hard Core Sitting." No pitty for this kid. You have to watch his video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z43PXkvVC5c.

You can also learn about Liz's race for Emily and support her at: http://lizkeicher.blogspot.com/

Our most recent SUPER exiting thing is....First Class Parking!!! The opposite of pity...gratefulness!