Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nanna Poppy visit/MRI/ 9 year anniversary/Physical Therapy

Nanny and Poppy came to visit from Albuquerque to meet Hayden for their first time. Hayden was the perfect baby for their visit. Poppy got to see how he must have looked when he was a baby.

We had a great time with Hanna playing catch with Poppy and Hayden smiling and laughing for Nanna. While they were here, Hayden had a quick MRI to follow up with his shunt's progress. So far there is no reason for us to expect any problems. He eats, smiles and sleeps. Still the angel baby.

With the extra help, we also got a wonderful date night to celebrate our wonderful 9 year anniversary with a full night on the town. Scott planned a wonderful romantic dinner with a private room and roses. He is such a class act.

Today, Hayden had his PT appointment and continues to show off how well he kicks and responds. We are continuing to work on head and core control.

We are enjoying the start of our summer and Hayden's church blessing coming up 6/7. Love to you all!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Sister Hanna

Here is an adorable video of Hanna being her usual self with Hayden and her cute Daddy Daughter Dance Date. She especially loved the strobe and black light and chocolate cake.

OT/PT @ 2 months for Hayden

Hayden, our chubby baby, continues to do very well with his special medical check ups. On Friday he had his first OT/PT in home visit from Early Childhood Intervention. He seems to be meeting his age appropriate milestones as far as his fine motor skills and physical abilities.

He has been so adorable smiling and cooing. He has been kicking alternating legs, pointing his toes and grabbing for objects. We are especially blessed with his mellow personality and his good eating and sleeping. Right now, we put him to bed at~10 and he sleeps until 7 the next morning. We feel such joy from the blessings of his health. While he has had large physical challenges, we are humbled and grateful for the earnest fasting and prayers offered on his behalf that have blessed him.

From the support group that we belong to for Spina Bifida kids, we know that there are those families that have much more serious challenges and we are so grateful for their strength and their example of love and hope.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hayden is 2 months old

While I feel we have been busy as bees, I just read Paige's posting and mine is seems like we were calm. Hayden had a great 2 month doctor's check up weighing in at a hefty 13 lbs. He also was a good boy and cried loudly at his immunization shots. I am so glad that he had sensation enough to feel the shots. But not to worry, I soothed him back to his perfect calm self and he was happy again. He has been smiling a lot and his sister, Hanna. She loves to see and hear his noises.

Here is the short period of time that Hanna and cousin Drake were loving one another.Attached are a few wonderful pictures that Paige took as I didn't take any pictures while in Colorado.
Paige, John, Drake, Scott, me and Hayden (Pierce and Hanna were napping)
This week Hayden gets a hip x-ray and his first physical therapy session. He continues to do well and blesses every member of our family.
We will be having his church blessing the first Sunday in June. All that would like to attend are welcome.