Monday, December 29, 2008

December pictures= Hanna's Birthday, 30 weeks, Christmas

Dad & Anna on Hanna's birthday
30 weeks pregnant on Christmas

Hanna's (Emma's) Sunday Christmas Dress

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dell Children's Hospital NICU tour

Yeah, Grandma Mary arrived!! Our Christmas shopping is done. The cards are mailed and the decorations are set to celebrate the holidays. Hanna loves showing off for Grandma Mary and Scott and I have been able to see a movie (Yes Man) and enjoy a relaxing dinner together.

Yesterday, Scott, my mom, Hanna and I got to tour the NICU where Hayden will be transferred after his birth. The hospital is just one year old and the rooms are very comfortable. Each baby gets their own room where parents can have privacy with their infant as opposed to being kept in the traditional busy NICU bay with a bunch of babies. We were introduced and met many nurses and staff. I am attaching a link to virtual tour the hospital:

We think that I will be kept 5 days at Seton Hospital while Scott and Hayden will be at Dell for Hayden's surgery(ies). Their is a private nice room in the NICU where Scott will be able to sleep and stay the night with Hayden while he is recovering. Following that, we are anticipating that Hayden may have an average stay of 2 weeks.

It was very comforting to have the tour of the NICU where I trust he will be taken care of in my absence when he is transported. It was also great for Hanna to see the fun sibling things for her to do at the hospital when she comes to visit. She had a really fun time.

We also want to welcome anyone who wants to visit. There is a great family and friend lounge right along side the NICU and we can have 3 people in the room at any time.

Next week we meet again with Hayden's Neurosurgeon to discuss when he will be delivered in February and what surgery(ies) he will perform shortly after his birth.

This Christmas Eve, we wish all of you to feel the love that God had for us by sending us our Savior, Jesus Christ. We continue to believe in miracles and thank you for your continued prayers on Hayden's behalf.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remembering my Uncle Kirk Hanna & Scott's Uncle Doug Conrow

So here it is 10 years ago to the day that I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BA. That same day my uncle, Kirk Hanna, took his own life. For me it was a wonderful then terrible day. I loved my uncle Kirk. At first glance, I often could get him confused for my dad. But Kirk was always my handsome uncle. He was very good to me and to my brother John. He even took us to Disney World's Epcot Center! Who can say that about their uncles? Here I am at 11 taking fabulous pictures. The first picture is the back of my cowboy uncle Kirk, his wife Ann (on the far right) and them me (11) and John (9). Notice John has the nice Thriller jacket from the 80's and I am the QT with the acid washed denim dress.

Since Kirk's tragic death, his legacy lives on. An article has recently been in all the major Colorado news papers and many television programs commemorating his life. He also had an alias character in the Fast Food Nation book and movie. I am still saddened from loosing him. His funeral and life will forever be etched in my mind.

I have personally learned from his suffering of depression. That even with all of the love and support of your family, sometimes you need professional help. I know that there is no shame and no stigma that should be more important than getting the psychiatric help that you need.
As Kirk now watches over his family, I hope he can feel the love that so many had for him and all his contributions in his short life.
We also just learned of Scott's Uncle Doug Conrow's passing today. He has lived in Park City, UT and has suffered for many years struggling with poor health. He was a mild man that Scott and I had the oportunity to visit with on several occasions when we traveled to Utah. Our hearts and prayers go out to Nancy and Kate who are mourning the loss of their husband and father.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Supportive Moms

Well I am happy to say that I got to talk with 3 other mothers now who have children with Spina Bifida. They were all happy to tell me how joyful and wonderful their kids are. But what mom isn't excited to brag about their child? No, they were all such an inspiration to me. It is funny how people come into your life. Two of the moms were referred to me two separate times by different people. Knowing how they dealt with the emotional aspect of the diagnosis and how they now deal with raising their children is the best information I have received.

I have posted Becky Etchell's blog since it is public to see how normal and happy her family and son are. Her experiences after giving birth is what I have been told to expect for the early days after Hayden's birth.

We met with the team of doctors and nurses from Seton last week and it was a great meeting. They showed us the new delivery wing that will open this week. I will be there delivering Hayden via c-section sometime the last week in February. From there, he will be transported to Dell Children's Hospital for his surgery(ies), where Scott will be with him while I am recovering at Seton. We are still not sure what his outcome will be or how long he will have to be at Dell. We know that wherever he is at home or for an extended period at Dell, he will be taken care of.

Hayden's surgeon:

Next up, we make an appointment with Dell to meet their staff and take their tour. I already have an in with my good friend from church working in the NICU, Lei.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Follow Up Ultrasound

We had another ultrasound last Friday to see if there was still blood on the brain. From what our doctor told us, there doesn't appear to be anything new. The swelling in the brain ventricles has grown but only in proportion to the growth of Hayden. She estimated that he weighed 2.5lbs and was 14 inches long. We were worried about the readings from the MRI results from San Fran, but we were told that the terms were not a diagnosis of possible function for our baby. At this point we just don't know how things will be for Hayden until he is born. On a happy note...we got a 3D ultrasound and the poor little guy looks like he has my nose.

We will have an full tour and meeting with a team of doctors from Seton medical center this Thursday to tour their NICU and to see where my surgery will be performed. I also got a referral to talk to two moms with kids that have Spina Bifida and live here in Austin. Very different outcomes but both offer me a lot of hope.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Mexico Thanksgiving/ Hanna's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a great 10 days (minus the 2 sick with stomach flu) in New Mexico celebrating all that we had to be thankful for with all of Scott's family. Hanna loved being with so many people that love and care for her. Can't believe that she is 2!