Sunday, August 14, 2011

1st Day of School, 1st Big Boy Bed & visit with Trigg cousins

We updated Hayden's blog too about the NYC SBA fundraising totals so far.
Hayden tried out his first big boy bed and did great sleeping through the night with no pacifier/binki all by himself.  Hanna was begging to sleep there too.  Since he now has bunk beds, we got the kind where Hanna can't climb the ladder as it is put away at the top.
We traveled to Dallas the first of the month to meet up with cousins Tayler and McCarley.  Hayden hadn't seen his cousins since he was a baby visiting Albuquerque.  We got to play with the cousins for a few hours in the aquarium and the merry go round before we all headed home on our long drives.  It wasn't long enough but the best we could do.  We also got to stay at my cousin's home overnight.  It was a cousin visit trip.

 Tayler, McCarley, Hayden and Hanna.  Hanna and McCarley are only 3 months apart but several miles apart.

 The kids were so excited for their first day of school.  The new school is for special needs kids and their siblings.  Rise School Austin is better than we imagined.  We think all our SB preschool friends kids should have a school like this.  There are several in the country and we encourage you to check out their site.

They loved it!  Hanna's teacher is Miss Glass, just like the Fancy Nancy books!!!  She thinks she is so fancy too.
 Hayden's teacher is Mr. "D".  He is a really cool tough guy who loves kids.  Hayden is doing great there and his speech and activity level is improving every day.