Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hayden is Five Days Old

Last night Hayden was a little restless and really showed us his strength. He kept pulling out the binky as we tried to put him to sleep. Today he is feeding really well (~3oz per feeding). Adrienne right now is working with Debi, the lactation consultant, here at the NICU for techniques not to disturb his head or back. Hayden has a really strong jaw and and is nursing really well. Mom is doing a great job and all the work. Debi keeps saying he is such a strong guy and eater.

Dr. Lee, our Neurosurgeon, and the plastic surgeon visited us today and said that Hayden would probably get to go home in about 1-2 days. Far ahead of what we anticipated. He said that the brain scan looked good, his shunt was working well and the back incision was healing nicely. We will still need to meet with the urologist to see if we will need to cath him. Today was the first time that there was urine coming out of the catheter. Now we just need to see if that was a random time or if his bladder is not emptying fully on its own.

We think Hayden is ready to meet his big sister outside the incubator and be shown to the world. We are having trouble uploading pictures on the wireless connection, but he is looking great!

Today is a day we set aside to worship and praise our gracious Father in Heaven for sending his son Jesus to be our Savior. We have been so blessed. Hayden has proven what a special spirit he is, in that he started his mission of drawing people unto the Savior even before his birth. Hayden helped unite our friends and family in humble prayer in his behalf. In the 5 days since Hayden's arrival, we have been comforted by those prayers and witnessed His tender mercies.


emily and Becky (we both have blogs)! said...

This is the most fantastic news!

CJB said...

ahead of schedule eh? more blessings and miracles. what a touching ending to your post. more kleenex please!

Sweetest Of All said...

Thank you guys so much for the continued updates. We love hearing how baby, mommy and daddy are doing. Please let us know as well anyway that we can join in the spirit of this wonderful occasion and provide some service!