Thursday, November 13, 2008

MOMS consult update Sunday-Wednesday

I thought that many of you would like to know what has taken place over the past few days. Last Sunday, we flew to Albuquerque to drop Hanna off with her gracious grandparents. She thought she was having one big party. We got to spend some wonderful time with Kristin, Barry, Chase, Ben, Kara, Ralph and Gwen. It was a much needed distraction to be with them and to feel their love and support. Hanna was staying with the Hogge family and loving it when we left on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, we flew into Oakland around 10am and drove directly to UCSF to meet with many people. The cab dropped us off in front of the hospital and it felt so unreal to be there. We found our way to the special offices for the Fetal Treatment Center and promptly made introductions at 11am with the wonderful Nurse Study Coordinator. We were taken into a conference room where doctors made appointments with us and came to meet us. I couldn't believe we weren't waiting hours in a waiting room for doctors. It was very special VIP treatment.

We met with the world's first female fetal surgeon who happens to be the Principal Investigator for this MOMS Study. She answered many of our questions and was very thoughtful and honest. We then met with another part of the team, a high risk OB, who explained her role and the risks to the mother. We ended the day exausted with information and spoke with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Social Worker along with a Neonatologist who talked to us, encouraged us to keep our spirits up and took us on a tour of operating rooms, and the NICU.

We ended the day on information and emotional overload. We went back to our hotel took a nap and went to a wonderful sea food dinner on Fisherman's Warf and dessert at Ghirardelli lifting our spirits.

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