Friday, November 14, 2008

Coming Home from San Francisco

Today we had several long meetings and tests with the doctors at UCSF Medical Center. After the 3 hour MRI and second ultrasound, the Chief Neurosurgeon and Radiologists confirmed that there was another finding with Hayden that is unrelated to the Spina Bifida. The ultrasounds concluded that there is excess blood in Hayden's brain that could have been caused by stress. However it is not a blood clot, hemorrhage or pooling of blood. The doctors believe that the blood will disappear in days or in the next week and we are not to be overly concerned about this finding.

Because of the excess blood in Hayden's brain we will not be proceeding with the study and pre-natal surgery. Due to the strict criteria, this finding excluded us from the study. This has been a very hard decision for us to weigh, whether or not to have the experimental pre-natal surgery if we were selected. We truly feel that this was us receiving revelation from God and all of our prayers were answered. We did not have to make the decision, he made it for us and for that we feel very blessed and our burden to make such a decision has been lifted. This would have been one of the hardest decisions we would have had to make in our lives. As parents we want to do everything possible to help out our children. Hayden knows this and I know he feels everyones love and support. We also find comfort knowing we have seen the best and done everything we could. He is our special child of God. All the doctors were so encouraging, hopeful and things are looking promising due to Hayden's leison level and moving legs. We will be flying back to Albuquerque Saturday afternoon and will fly back to Austin on Sunday morning.

Everyone's thoughts and prayers have been felt while we have been in Austin, Albuquerque and San Francisco. We will be glad to be home this Sunday.
Blessings and love to all. We want to thank everyone for their prayers, love, support and strength during this time. We feel very empowered with the knowledge we have so far from all the meetings we have had from the MOMS staff at UCSF. They are truly an amazing team and we are so grateful to have met with the best doctors and caring nurses in the world.


CJB said...

I'm so sorry the surgery didn't work out but you're right, what a burden lifted to have to make that big of a decision. I'm sure its nice to be back home and be with Hanna. Love you!

The Roberts Family said...

Welcome Home! If you need anything let us know.

Tasha Yacktman said...

Welcome back! We love you guys!!