Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 9-10 Samur/Loire Valley

Château de Chenonceau
This is the dance hall that spans across the river.

The grand walk leading to the chateau.

Villandry was my favorite. Even more impressive was that an American woman, Ann Coleman, gets credit for bringing it back to its original beauty.

This is the areal view of the most impressive gardens I have ever seen. We even saw posters of these gardens at our local Hobby Lobby when we were getting some pictures framed. Most of the gardens are edible.This is where the help lived.

Scott on the draw bridge.

Our hotel/chateau was close to Samur. It is a great French village with tons of history. The Loire Valley is famous for its many châteaus where kings and their courts built an impressive array of homes ranging from the medieval times through every period to the second empire in the mid 19th century.

Chateau Samur was sadly under renovation so we couldn't go through.

Here is where we had the great pleasure of staying. If you are ever in the area. This is our #1 recommendation!
Driving to the chateau.

Farm villages. I might be a farmer if they were like this in the US.
Small farm Chateaus all along the way. We would blink and miss them.
Harley bikers from Finland. It's a long way to Sturgis.
Scott thought he was a speed daemon.

The start of our driving road trip in France. We just couldn't put the camera away. Everything was amazingly beautiful.

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