Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 1-3 Europe Trip-Zurich Switzerland

It was a hard time adjustment seeing the sunrise at 11:30 our time and then adjusting to not having the kids. We had to Skype the first night to say hello. It was thrilling.

Zurich was one of the cleanest, safest feeling, most beautiful big cities we had ever been to. Everything old was restored and kept in prime condition. The people garden wherever they can. The rooftops were my favorite.

Great views from the old Grossmunster. Panoramic views from the top.
Scott about died when he parked next to these cars in our hotel. Driving our first day in a foreign country was an experience.
On our river cruise.
We stayed right downtown walking distance to everything.
The main train station where we ran into the Mormon missionaries on transfer day.
Some big beautiful old doors.
Swiss pride everywhere.
Old Town cobblestone alleys were awesome.

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