Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 4-5-Grindelwald/Interlaken

Old Town Interlaken
Cousin Wernerly and his son David. We loved staying in the Lengacher home in Grindelwald. Wernerly built it himself. We slept awesome in this mountain paradise.
Tulip season.
We saw blueberries growing on our drive to the top of the Eiger with David and Joelle.
World famous Eiger mountain. Watch the Imax movie that came out last summer.
Wernerly drove us to the top of the Eiger mountain that only employees of the ski resort have access to. It was scary but much easier than hiking:)

Waterfalls easily missed with the low clouds.

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Stephanie said...

Aaah! This just keeps getting better! Been to both Bern and Interlaken as well! We did a lot of 'excursions' with the students to various parts of the country. Interlaken is absolutely beautiful!