Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 3-4- Lucerne

Perfectly beautiful Lucerne. Our favorite city of the trip. You'll see me jumping on the top of this building.An amazing cathedral we went into to get out of the rain. All white and pink marble with gold of course.

Old Capital foot bridge dating to the early 1600's.
We had fun staying the converted jail hotel. Our room was the library.

Driving through villages to Lucern nearly every home was this pretty.
They mow everything. It is beautiful. I bet they don't need an HOA.
The cow bells make the prettiest sound. We even brought one back to ring for dinner time:). Just like my grandma used to have.

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Paige Hanna said...

My grandparents lived right outside Geneva for a few years and my grandma collected cow bells that I always loved ringing. Everything looks so amazing!