Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hayden's Surgery

Last Friday, Hayden went in bright and early at 6am for surgery. The night before, to help ease my worries, I went out with a few of my June birthday girlfriends to a Ladies of the 80's sing-a-long that was a blast and got me home really late.

The children's surgery center had told me that Hayden wouldn’t be allowed to eat after 2am. This is so that he wouldn't get sick from the anesthesia. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I stayed up to feed Hayden an early feeding that he isn’t used to and it worked like a charm. He was just fine skipping his morning meal. He slept for the hour drive to the children’s surgery center and was all smiles when I had to hand him over in tears to his nurse.

Even with the knowledge that the surgery was best for him and my faith that all would be well, nothing could stop my tears from flowing knowing that my little baby had to cut open once again and recover from being stitched up.

Hayden had hernia surgery, circumcision, a bladder scope and another corrective surgery that went along with his circumcision that we weren't anticipating. Fortunately after all the doctor’s hard work for the 2 hour procedure and the recovery from anesthesia, Hayden was on his way home around noon. We both ate lunch and slept the rest of the day.

Thank you to those of you who prayed for Hayden. We took him to church today to thank and worship God for his goodness to us. Hayden was happy to see everyone and has been handling his recovery pain amazingly.All along we have been blessed by the good care that Hayden is receiving.

In the world of Spina Bifida, one of the most important specialty doctors is a urologist. The urologist helps with the day to day bladder and bowel issues that many SB people deal with. Not only are we blessed to have a urologist that focuses on children but that also specializes in Spina Bifida. We are blessed by his care, skill and education that enables Hayden to live a fuller life.

After such an emotionally serious weekend, our 2 year old knows how to keep us laughing….
Hanna is currently becoming interested in potty training and all of its dirty details. This morning, I was applying a self tanning lotion with a bronzer in it that I was rubbing onto my legs. Hanna excitedly pointed out to Daddy…Mommy pooped!

On another note…below are some of the adorable pictures that we took recently of Hayden and Hanna.


Sweetest Of All said...

Beautiful post Adrienne!

Shelly Burr said...

Adrienne, Thank you SO much for talking with me the other night. I had no idea how much you guys had been going through with the surgery. You are such a good person to take time for someone else when everything in your life is going a little crazy. Talking to mom's of children with spina bifida has helped more than anything else right now. You are amazing, and your kids are beautiful!

Ang said...

The pictures are all adorable! You have such beautiful kids. I'm so glad Hayden is doing well with his recovery and that his surgeries were a success. I can only imagine how tough it has been for you, yet your faith and positive attitude are refreshing and inspiring. Lots of love to you~