Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 months old

Hayden had his 4 month doctor apmt today weighing in at 15lbs 11oz while whizing on the scale:). His weight and height of 26 inches put him in the 75%, just up from his SB Clinic visit. Our big boy is doing well learning and working hard in his physical therapy apmts too. He is rolling over from his side to his back.

He isn't sitting up very well just yet, but we keep him working hard.
His elephant outfit is just so darn cute, we had to get him in it today for his pictures.
Just two more days till his surgery on Friday.


Becky said...

look at him moving his toes! That's awesome. Christopher has no movement in his toes at all. But, he can still get around perfectly fine. So Hayden is going to do so well, You can just tell by the way he moves his legs and feet. Way to go Hayden!!!

matt said...


I am so glad to be connected your blog and so blessed to see that you are people of faith! I look forward to reading your updates.

Our God is good. He brings children like ours into the world for a very special purpose.

Blessings upon you.