Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating Independence Day

We have been having a really fun weekend. I would love to post all of our pictures, but since I do not have the permission to post everyone out on the internet, I will have to condense it to my family and they can't complain. I have also made a Kodak gallery of the many pictures that are not included if you would like me to send them to you.

We have a new family in church that moved from Dallas with quadruplet babies Hayden's age, and an older daughter Hanna's age. They celebrated their daughter's second birthday with a blow up waterslide, fancy cake & pizza, and great take home treats. All of the quadruplets family was in town for their special baby blessings at church today.

After the birthday party we went home for a nap and then onto a 4th of July celebration to watch fireworks from the Lakeway park. Hanna got to swim two times in one day and eat cake twice. She loves Independence Day! She was the happiest girl ever, little miss independent! She even got to stay up 2 hours past bedtime. Hayden appears to be recovering well from his surgeries. He will have a check up later this month.

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