Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hayden's 3 months old and Memorial weekend happenings

Hanna has been practicing hard at being gentle with Hayden. Here he has one arm out protecting himself just in case. She loves being a big sister.Hayden is such a mellow baby that he lets his mom do double duties.Hayden finally got to meet his Poppy and Nana who drove all the way out from Albuquerque to meet their first Trigg grandson! He gave them lots of smiles and hugs. Hanna loved seeing her Nana and Poppy again and having them run around after her at the Botanical Gardens.
This picture was taken earlier of Hanna in her new swim suite. She loves going swimming!

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The Cochran Family said...

So cute! I love those butterfly chairs at the Botanical gardens. DOn't they take the best pictures! I love her new suit, so cute! Looks like you guys are doing well and I'm so happy for you!