Monday, March 2, 2009

Hayden's Continued Success

Hayden is continuing to progress very well. The team of surgeons met with him today and stated that both his lesion incision along with his shunt are healing very well and performing as it intends to. He loves to eat, sleep and just look around the room when he is up. After a 1 hour feeding with mom, who is snorring away right now, he basically goes to sleep in 3-4 hour increments. I stand amazed, once again.

Today I was able to go get the oil changed in the car, get a car wash and run some other errands in the nearby area. I guess that want everything to be perfect for this little guys first journey home.

We also just met with the Urologist and he will help us test whether or not he needs a cath or not short term. As he said, we will get to know him quite a bit over the next year. Honestly at this point this is the least of our worries with all the miracles that have taken place so far.

Continued blessings to all.
Scott and Adrienne

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Vehars said...

Adrienne is going to love your comment about her snoring! We're so glad to hear that Hayden is doing so well. Take care.