Thursday, March 5, 2009

NICU Day 10: Hayden is Coming Home

Today is a very exciting day. Hayden will be going home. Thank you to all the amazing doctors' and nurses for taking such wonderful care of our son. The NICU at Dell Children's Hospital is beautiful place. You don't feel like you are in a hospital. The spirit felt their is very warm and friendly. Angels are present in this place.

Yesterday Hayden had his MRI to scan his brain and spine. We will get the results today. He received a diamond star award (I just made that award up) for the first baby that they did not have to sedate during the spinal scan. He slept through the entire MRI, which was about a hour.

Also Adrienne and I were both able to coach each other and successfully pass his catheter.

Blessings to all and we give gratitude every day to our Father in Heaven for this miracle and the continued blessings that we are receiving.

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Monica said...

What a beautiful baby and story of faith and prayers!! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us and keeping us updated!! He is just precious!