Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New flooring for new walker

Hooray to no more carpet downstairs!  Our flooring finally was completed today after a long 2 weeks.  Hanna and Hayden didn't mind at all living with plastic sheeting or "tents" as Hanna liked to call it.  We had been debating about our flooring for the past several months.  And now since Hayden has gotten more mobile, we decided we needed to bite the bullet and make most of the house accessible to him by getting rid of the carpet.

One of the most emotional days for us as a family happened 3 weeks ago when Hayden started army crawling at 23 months.  We have it on video, but can't figure how to upload it to the computer just yet.  Anywho...he now is "WANT"ing to "GO"  all the time.

After months of research, 4 good bids and the advice of family, the flooring we chose was brazilian pecan and we love it.  It is one of the hardest woods we could find so it should hold up well with the kids and dog.  Below are before and after pics.  Not the best pictures for the "afters" as they were taken tonight.  I just couldn't wait till the morning.


Checking out his new green wheels

  I have taken some time off since the marathon in January, but February has been a busy month with many new fun things to blog about for the kids.  More to come soon.


Leigh and Andy said...

Way to go Hayden!!!! Andy the floor looks beautiful! Perfect timing, he will be sliding all over that floor! And Happy Birthday to Hayden!! I'm not sure exactly when it is, but I know it's in February!!

Mary said...

Adrienne and Scott...this is beautiful. You did good. Hanna is getting to be such a big girl. Hayden is going to love this and appreciate what you both have done.

Love you all so much.