Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Marathon

 I am humbled by the 26.2 miles of Houston trails and grateful to my feet for allowing me to run with blisters, my knees  for enduring the swelling and pounding, and for my hips and back for not giving up on me to complete my first marathon.

I once read that the first 10 miles you run with your head.  The second 10 miles you run with your legs and the last 6 miles you run with your heart.  It couldn't be more true.

The conditions were perfect for the race.  Weather was in the high 60s & sunny.  I was over my battle with sinus infection/bronchitis and my hips and back were holding up.

Now I know I can do the NYC marathon 2011 for Spina Bifida, just gotta see if the Spina Bifida Association gets accepted as a charity partner again.

Still standing and happy at the end of completing my first New Years resolution to run a marathon.

My sweetest surprise was getting to see my family every 6 miles while  I made one of 4, 6 mile loops.
Scott made signs for the kids to hold and cheer.  It was by far the best thing about running a smaller marathon.  Getting to see my family really kept me going.  Even though I took a few minutes to stop and give them all hugs and kisses, it was time I was happy to give up.
Waving to Scott while he managed the kids at the park for nearly 5 hours.  He was amazing.
"Running for my little Warrior Hayden" shirt that I made for the race to keep me going.  Those that were faster than me ran by and cheered for Hayden.  Toughest part was heading back out while others were finishing the half marathon race (white bib).
This was another racer.
This was the 12th annual Texas Marathon held on New Years day in Kingwood, TX (Houston).  It was a small race (650 participants) that sold out.  I was a back up and got in because I was a 1st time runner with a cause.  There were several people running for their own causes.
My half way mark.  The same time as my previous 2 half marathons.  I am truly a 10 minute mile pacer not a racer thanks to my Garmin watch that beeped every time I slowed down or went too fast.  This way I knew I wouldn't burn out.

 My girl Hanna just hanging out while she waited for Mommy to finish.
I kept thinking this guy used to run for Ricks, my alma mater.  So who knows him?  Since it was one of the few Saturday races, there were plenty of BYU shirts showing up in the crowd.
My final time 4:27.  You can't tell it, but here come the tears and emotion.
Crossing the line to see my sweet family!

By the size of the medal, Hanna thought I won the race.  Everything is bigger in Texas.
My lil Hayden endured 5 hours at the park waiting for that medal.  He cried when I took it away.

The best sweaty congratulatory hug for my sweet boy who inspired me the whole way.
I couldn't have done it without the love and support of Scott.  I love you Scottie!


laura said...

Wow! Congrats on your run... You have inspired me to keep running. I hope that I will be able to run my very first marathon this year too! You did awesome:)

KeicherMom said...

What an accomplishment - and what an AWESOME time! It looks like it was an exhilarating, fulfilling experience. Nothing better than seeing your family cheer for you and show their support in your goals. Congratulations (although there was no doubt you'd be able to do NYC). Lets keep our fingers crossed for NYC 2011!!

Kara said...

Congrats Sweetie Pie...I'm so glad you had good conditions. I love the pic of you & Hayden. Yippee. Love & Hugs, Kara

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome Adrienne! I'm so proud of you! WAY TO GO!


Momto16 said...


Ang said...

You are amazing and inspiring! Way to go!!

Jessica said...

Congrats, You are amazing and inspiring...

Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

What an amazing accomplishment. You are inspiring!

Anne said...

you are awesome! i am so proud of you.