Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hippotherapy, Birthday, Spina Bifida Clinic and Pediatrician Well Check

Big post with few words.  This is Hanna with her horse Crystal and her patient teacher Lynn.  Lucky for us Hanna gets a lesson 5 minutes away from Hayden's lessons at Red Arena.

 Here is Hayden's horse Sven, a Norwegian Fjord, his two handlers and his PT Jennifer.  The cutest horse with the cutest boy.

It doesn't get any cuter folks.

 My baby really started acting like a big boy shortly before his birthday when he began to crawl.  It was one of my proudest moments.

 Happy boy loved his cake.  He seems to have eating issues with everything besides sweets:).

 Hayden's new birthday wheels...but Hanna thinks it is hers.
 Hayden's best friend joins him for a fun day drive to the San Antonio zoo.
 Perfect warm weather in February for a day at the zoo.

 It was a busy and happy month for the kiddos.  Hayden had his 2 year Well Check that was no big deal in comparison to what he goes through at clinic.  Hanna on the other hand hated her 4 year Well Check with the 4 shots she got.  It was a rough day for her but she did great and we are learning all about how shots help keep you healthy and strong.

At Spina Bifida Clinic, Hayden only had a kidney ultrasound which took up 4 hours of the day.  The scary thing we don't want to see is damage to the kidneys from reflux from his high pressure bladder.  He seems to continue to do well enough emptying his bladder so we continue to not have to catheterize him.  His brain shunt also continues to do well so we don't have to see the neuro for a year from his last visit.

And for the big finally, both kids have been accepted to a special needs pre-school called the Rise School.  You can read all about it at


laura said...

This is awesome! I am so glad to hear that both kids are doing great. I loved the pics of hippotherapy and I am excited to have Sara do it here in Corpus. Loved seeing your beautiful family in pictures:)

Joanna said...

Hey! What a great post! I love the horse pictures - wondering if I should get Jet involved in that. Happy Birthday to Hayden! And how exciting about Pre-k! Just a quick question...have you been sending me facebook messages? I think your facebook account may have been hacked. They didn't seem like they were "in your words". Nothing really bad -don't panic. :) Just send me a message and we'll talk. Thanks!