Sunday, March 7, 2010

SB Clinic & 1 year well check

BTW... In addition to our earlier post....Hayden did great at his 1 year well check. He weighed in at 20 slim lbs and is in the 50% for height. This week his in now enough in weight and height to change his car seat around to better watch his sister's mischievous advances.

Spina Bifida clinic is also on Tuesday. Prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated. He will have a bladder and kidney ultrasound to make sure everything continues to look OK. This is always a little bit frightening. We have been able to stop catheterizing him because he seems to be voiding his urine well enough on his own. All in all...we have no reason to expect anything but good news at this all day clinic.

His clinic visits will be less frequent from every three months to now every six months. Since he has had a good pattern of his shunt working properly and not being symptomatic of his Chairi brain condition, we fully anticipate continued further positive development and health. Currently Hayden is "emerging" in several of the 6-9 month developmental checklist. I have attached a link to see what this entails.


Dill Family said...

We are "emerging" right there with you!:) I think lack of good vision in the early days has really played a part in this for our little guys! Yay for small success, I'll take them all!

CJB said...

yay! I love hearing good news. Good luck on Tues.

Anne said...

he is doing so well! i will keep you all in my prayers.