Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half Marathon

Saturday I completed the Zooma Austin half marathon!!! It was the most challenging course I have ever run, the longest distance I have ever run and the fastest time I have ever completed at that distance.

I was honored to train along the way with "real" runners who encouraged me and fellowshiped me into their inner circle. Here is a terrible picture of the gang (I'm #257) who supported Hayden and Spina Bifida awareness by wearing the shirts that I had made.

Here is the history of why I set out on this journey. I decided to set this goal for myself to loose the rest of the baby weight and to just get in shape. Since I had never been a runner beyond 2-3 miles, I thought this might not be attainable. So I started training for 11 weeks and I did it!! Every time I wanted to quit and not push myself to run anymore and all my excuses like asthma, waking up to nurse a baby, how tired I was, etc, etc, I drew on the strength of Hayden. I thought about how he works so incredibly hard to do the littlest of things. I thought about how he just has to push to hold a pose in PT. I thought about those people with Spina Bifida who may not be able to run. Then it hit me...this was going to be FTWC (for those who can't). Since I could, I had no more excuses.

It was amazing. I don't know if I will do it again, but I know I can as long as I continue to have the love and support of such a wonderful husband like Scott.


Sweetest Of All said...

OF course you had it in you. You can do anything girl.

Becky said...

Way to go! That is so awesome. One day Hayden will look back at your experience with such love and appreciation. We are their advocates, this is OUR job.

HennHouse said...

You are an inspiration... Congratulations!

Summers Family said...

What an inspiration you are. Congratulations!!

Beam Family said...

That is so awesome! I'm moved by what inspired you and it really makes me think how grateful we should be for what we CAN do!