Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1 Year Spina Bifida Clinic at Dell Children's Hospital

Hayden might kill me for this picture when his is older, but isn't it cute!
Thank you for all of the prayers for Hayden. They are working. Hayden had a hip x-ray and an ultrasound of his bladder and kidneys. Everything came back perfect! And after a year of 7 surgeries, his bladder is emptying nicely (no cathing!), his shunt in his brain is working beautifully, his spinal scar has healed handsomely and we leaned from his MRI that his syrinx in his spine has completely gone away! These are enormously positive reports for Hayden and our gratitude to God and the medical staff that works with him is never ceasing.
However, our happy champ, Hayden's biggest battle is with low muscle tone called Hypotonia. It is caused by neurological injury from his Arnold Chairi II malformation. Hayden's sweet neuro surgeon was very sensitive in telling us that Hayden's cerebellum is very small and has not grown. This is the reason why he is delayed in his gross motor and fine motor skills. There is no known treatment or cure, but his doctor was optimistic in that Hayden's smart parts of his brain are making up for his lack of cerebellum. Muscle strength and tone are very different things and I would strongly recommend that you read this link:
Another great link is:
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Beam Family said...

Yay for Hayden. Low muscle tone is to hard to deal with, it's one of Nikolas's biggest battles, too. We're always praying for you guys!

Dill Family said...

Oh what good news!!! And that scar is BEAUTIFUL! I hope our children wear these scars proudly, they really are amazing proof of Gods miracles:)