Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hayden's 5 months, Great Grandma Spencer, Denver Antiques Roadshow

Hayden is now 5 months old and weighed in just over a whopping 17lbs. That is huge for the Trigg family. Hanna was only 18lbs at her first birthday. Great Grandma Spencer came from Colorado to visit for the first time. She was a great baby holder having had 6 babies of her own. Hayden loved falling asleep in her arms for hours. I flew back to CO with Grandma to attend the Antiques Roadshow and visit friends. I am no richer for my antiques, but feel richly blessed with my family and friends. Scott took excellent care of both the kiddos while I was gone having a great time.Hanna has recently become camera shy so getting pictures of her is harder and harder.

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