Saturday, May 9, 2009

OT/PT @ 2 months for Hayden

Hayden, our chubby baby, continues to do very well with his special medical check ups. On Friday he had his first OT/PT in home visit from Early Childhood Intervention. He seems to be meeting his age appropriate milestones as far as his fine motor skills and physical abilities.

He has been so adorable smiling and cooing. He has been kicking alternating legs, pointing his toes and grabbing for objects. We are especially blessed with his mellow personality and his good eating and sleeping. Right now, we put him to bed at~10 and he sleeps until 7 the next morning. We feel such joy from the blessings of his health. While he has had large physical challenges, we are humbled and grateful for the earnest fasting and prayers offered on his behalf that have blessed him.

From the support group that we belong to for Spina Bifida kids, we know that there are those families that have much more serious challenges and we are so grateful for their strength and their example of love and hope.

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