Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nanna Poppy visit/MRI/ 9 year anniversary/Physical Therapy

Nanny and Poppy came to visit from Albuquerque to meet Hayden for their first time. Hayden was the perfect baby for their visit. Poppy got to see how he must have looked when he was a baby.

We had a great time with Hanna playing catch with Poppy and Hayden smiling and laughing for Nanna. While they were here, Hayden had a quick MRI to follow up with his shunt's progress. So far there is no reason for us to expect any problems. He eats, smiles and sleeps. Still the angel baby.

With the extra help, we also got a wonderful date night to celebrate our wonderful 9 year anniversary with a full night on the town. Scott planned a wonderful romantic dinner with a private room and roses. He is such a class act.

Today, Hayden had his PT appointment and continues to show off how well he kicks and responds. We are continuing to work on head and core control.

We are enjoying the start of our summer and Hayden's church blessing coming up 6/7. Love to you all!


emily and Becky (we both have blogs)! said...

This all sounds great! What a little stud. Christopher just climbed on the fireplace today, it totally shocked me! Hayden seems to be doing the same. That leg strenght is so important, I am so glad he is kicking up a storm! Keep it up little man.

Nusbaum-Matthews said...

We give God all the glory for the life and joy of Hanna and was especially nice to see you have a facebook page...when we are friends I can keep up with your beautiful family daily... Patricia Matthews and family xo