Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Antiques Roadshow Book of Mormon Appraisal in Dallas

I love the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. I am trying once again to get tickets to go to the show this year while they are in Denver. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I might be successful this time.

This was a cool appraisal of an original printing of the Book of Mormon that took place in Dallas.


The Cochran Family said...

OK you have to be flattered b/c this is the first time I have blogged in about 2 months...the life of a full time working mom! But I wanted to see how yall where doing! First of, you look amazing at 36 wks prego! So cute! The bathroom turned out amazing, you have to copyright that idea! I love it and want to do it, you are so amazing! And the baby room, it made me ooz with glee it was soo cute! I am so excited and happy for you and am prayful that everything will go well for you....

Vehars said...

You are too funny! But that is pretty neat. When would the roadshow be? If you do get tickets you'll have to let us know!