Sunday, December 14, 2008

Supportive Moms

Well I am happy to say that I got to talk with 3 other mothers now who have children with Spina Bifida. They were all happy to tell me how joyful and wonderful their kids are. But what mom isn't excited to brag about their child? No, they were all such an inspiration to me. It is funny how people come into your life. Two of the moms were referred to me two separate times by different people. Knowing how they dealt with the emotional aspect of the diagnosis and how they now deal with raising their children is the best information I have received.

I have posted Becky Etchell's blog since it is public to see how normal and happy her family and son are. Her experiences after giving birth is what I have been told to expect for the early days after Hayden's birth.

We met with the team of doctors and nurses from Seton last week and it was a great meeting. They showed us the new delivery wing that will open this week. I will be there delivering Hayden via c-section sometime the last week in February. From there, he will be transported to Dell Children's Hospital for his surgery(ies), where Scott will be with him while I am recovering at Seton. We are still not sure what his outcome will be or how long he will have to be at Dell. We know that wherever he is at home or for an extended period at Dell, he will be taken care of.

Hayden's surgeon:

Next up, we make an appointment with Dell to meet their staff and take their tour. I already have an in with my good friend from church working in the NICU, Lei.


emily and Becky (we both have blogs)! said...

I loved getting to talk to you today! I may be 1 yr. ahead of you in this, but there is so much we can both learn from each other.One more thing, My sister kept me loaded on fun show to watch at night (the office, Pushing daisies etc...) She said I needed to laugh. That helped ALOT! Just to pass time before he's born. :)

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself ... my name is Jamie and my husband and I just moved to Austin a few months ago.

Glad to "meet" you and praying for your family.


Nette said...

I am so glad you were able to talk to Becky. We love Christopher to pieces and so does everyone that meets him. He definitely has a special spirit. I'm sure Hayden will be just the same.

We will be down in Austin for a while after Christmas, I look forward to meeting you.

Lynette Speyer