Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remembering my Uncle Kirk Hanna & Scott's Uncle Doug Conrow

So here it is 10 years ago to the day that I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BA. That same day my uncle, Kirk Hanna, took his own life. For me it was a wonderful then terrible day. I loved my uncle Kirk. At first glance, I often could get him confused for my dad. But Kirk was always my handsome uncle. He was very good to me and to my brother John. He even took us to Disney World's Epcot Center! Who can say that about their uncles? Here I am at 11 taking fabulous pictures. The first picture is the back of my cowboy uncle Kirk, his wife Ann (on the far right) and them me (11) and John (9). Notice John has the nice Thriller jacket from the 80's and I am the QT with the acid washed denim dress.

Since Kirk's tragic death, his legacy lives on. An article has recently been in all the major Colorado news papers and many television programs commemorating his life. He also had an alias character in the Fast Food Nation book and movie. I am still saddened from loosing him. His funeral and life will forever be etched in my mind.

I have personally learned from his suffering of depression. That even with all of the love and support of your family, sometimes you need professional help. I know that there is no shame and no stigma that should be more important than getting the psychiatric help that you need.
As Kirk now watches over his family, I hope he can feel the love that so many had for him and all his contributions in his short life.
We also just learned of Scott's Uncle Doug Conrow's passing today. He has lived in Park City, UT and has suffered for many years struggling with poor health. He was a mild man that Scott and I had the oportunity to visit with on several occasions when we traveled to Utah. Our hearts and prayers go out to Nancy and Kate who are mourning the loss of their husband and father.


emily and Becky (we both have blogs)! said...

That is so sweet! Memories of special times is the greatest thing in the world to have. How are things going for you this week (other than the obvious)! How are you feeling? You are in my prayers every day. The saying that got me through was " Bring it on"! It just gave me strengh.

Talk to you soon girl.

ThatKateGirl said...

Oh come on now, that's a horrid picture of me. ha ha. Love you guys!!!