Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dell Children's Hospital NICU tour

Yeah, Grandma Mary arrived!! Our Christmas shopping is done. The cards are mailed and the decorations are set to celebrate the holidays. Hanna loves showing off for Grandma Mary and Scott and I have been able to see a movie (Yes Man) and enjoy a relaxing dinner together.

Yesterday, Scott, my mom, Hanna and I got to tour the NICU where Hayden will be transferred after his birth. The hospital is just one year old and the rooms are very comfortable. Each baby gets their own room where parents can have privacy with their infant as opposed to being kept in the traditional busy NICU bay with a bunch of babies. We were introduced and met many nurses and staff. I am attaching a link to virtual tour the hospital:

We think that I will be kept 5 days at Seton Hospital while Scott and Hayden will be at Dell for Hayden's surgery(ies). Their is a private nice room in the NICU where Scott will be able to sleep and stay the night with Hayden while he is recovering. Following that, we are anticipating that Hayden may have an average stay of 2 weeks.

It was very comforting to have the tour of the NICU where I trust he will be taken care of in my absence when he is transported. It was also great for Hanna to see the fun sibling things for her to do at the hospital when she comes to visit. She had a really fun time.

We also want to welcome anyone who wants to visit. There is a great family and friend lounge right along side the NICU and we can have 3 people in the room at any time.

Next week we meet again with Hayden's Neurosurgeon to discuss when he will be delivered in February and what surgery(ies) he will perform shortly after his birth.

This Christmas Eve, we wish all of you to feel the love that God had for us by sending us our Savior, Jesus Christ. We continue to believe in miracles and thank you for your continued prayers on Hayden's behalf.

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