Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holidays 2010

We started off the Christmas shopping season with Grandma Williams flying out from Idaho, Anna and sister Melyssa also came out from Montana to do some serious shopping.  We loved spending time with them and showing off Austin.  We had a great time and the kids miss them so much.  Especially the bike lessons.

I can't believe Hanna is 4 and Hayden is almost 2.  Hanna is becoming more fun at 4.  I think this is going to be our best year yet.  She is becoming more affectionate saying I love you and along with the extra hugs and kisses, she can't get enough of sneeking into our bed at night.

As fun as each milestone is, Hanna and I had a hard milestone.  The weather here has been perfect, so we have been out practicing on Hanna & Haydens' new bikes.  The other day, Hanna was playing with all the kids in the neighborhood and one boy (whom I hadn't met before) yelled at her and purposely excluded her from riding in his motorized truck when he gave everyone else rides.  She came running crying several times after asking for a turn to ride.  Luckily another mother who knew this boy, kindly introduced the children and they made up.   Hanna was then very happy when he offered her a ride.  And so it begins...

The sweetest women you will ever know.

I had a gift idea to personalize ornaments for Hanna's preschool classmates and made a donation in each of their names.

I thought it was a win, win.  
Scott ran the charity run and we all had a blast.

The first Santa that both the kids liked showed up at the race for the kids.

Scott getting ready for his fun 5k run.  He did great!

Our friends Angie and Josiah, who also has SB.  We will be cooking Chirstmas dinner for the Ronald McDonald House together.

Hanna getting her face painted at the run and loving it.

Birthday girl enjoying her weekend!

Hayden getting even more handsome.

We had a scare last week when Hayden was throwing up with a fever.  Most kids you give an antibiotic to and send them home.  Not so with Hayden.  We spent an entire day at the Dr. office getting all sorts of test to make sure it wasn't the shunt in his brain.  Both kids were very patient and I had a peaceful feeling the whole time.   Fortunately, it was "normal" kid stuff.  Gotta love "normal".

Recently, it is also hard for me to believe that Hayden is now about the same age that Hanna was when he was born.  I still view him as my baby.  He is growing up into such a big boy.  He can repeat almost any word I say.  It is so surprising what he can say.  He surprises me each day.


laura said...

Your kids are beautiful!

KeicherMom said...

Your ornaments are beautiful and such a wonderful idea! I hope things are going great for you with your training...almost less than 20 days to go! You are surely an inspiration and a hero to both your beautiful kids, soon to be adding "marathon finisher" to that repertoire!

Happy Holidays, and were thinking of you as 1/1/11 nears!!! The Keichers

Anonymous said...

Way to go Hayden! He looks like he's growing up!

Hanna is getting so big too!

What a cute family you guys have =)
Erica & Reuben

Anonymous said...

That's always going to be an issue for our boys, what is normal and what is not. We will always have that stress of is it a shunt malfunction or isn't it. We had a few scares too. My brother is a pediatrician in Idaho Falls, he has always told me to never assume it is nothing with Christopher. Which he has always told me the opposite with my other kids.I can't wait for the day to be able to meet you in person. I will just have to give you one big old hug! What a great Momma you are!
Love, Becky

Dill Family said...

Oh my goodness, H is getting so big and tall and truly, "more handsome" all the time!! He's looking like such a sweet little boy! I can't believe our boys will be 2 soon either, it has really gone fast! I can't wait until Jonathan starts to talk, his voice is sweet when he babbles, but real words will be amazing!:)