Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trip to Long Beach

We were blessed to have timed the CA trip with Hayden's health news. It was a great relaxing visit. We were able to do many fun things with Hanna to help keep our minds lifted. Mom has posted some of the videos she took of her with Hanna and I will still work on posting ours.

It was really warm while we were at my mom's house, so Hanna was so brave to run into the ocean. I had to hold onto her very tight because the waves were so big and she didn't care if they washed her away.

We were planning on and were actually disappointed when we learned that Disneyland was sold out for their Halloween events. However, Mom found many great events in Long Beach. We went to the pumpkin patch where Hanna got to ride a pony, the train, drive her car and pet animals at the petting zoo. She also got to go to the Halloween event at the aquarium where they had a parade on stage of the children in their costumes. We are SURE that Hanna won the contest of cuteness. On Sunday we also got to do to the dog Halloween parade. Hanna just loved it and wanted to hug and ride all the dogs.

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Vehars said...

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