Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We were honored once again by CC4C by doing a video of a day in the life of Hayden.  This was our Thursday with OT, PT, medical supplies and a state football ring ceremony.

The video was masterfully done by relifefilms and the most beautifully touching witnesses of our family and how CC4C has blessed us.  Thank you to all who have played a part in it.  My testimony of CC4C is that they have been the most resourceful group we have ever been supported by as a whole family.  

CC4C has taken on the role of acting as community social workers made up of superstars, rock stars, gold medal athletes and state champions.  Collectively they have helped us network to avenues we didn't know existed to help us find help outside of what we had researched ourselves.  

They taught us new resources for technology help, and rare medical studies that are tough to find and apply for without help of navigation and education to help us find help ourselves.  Their cause vocally gives credit that it was called of God to formation.  These individuals are magnified in their incredible talents to bless our lives and so many others.  If you would like to financially support them, they would love your help.  If you know of a family struggling for a diagnosis, have them apply.  It has been more than we ever expected.

To learn more about Champions for Children see the links below:

CC4C has a mission statement.  From us, I would say, mission accomplished!

This season, CC4C focused on 10 children, pairing them up with a CC4C alumnus/alumna champion child, a champion teammate, and a high school team who, together, create a team of inspiration and support as they race toward their recovery finish line.  

You can read their bios here:

The champion programs at CC4C form the primary mode of inspiration that the foundation utilizes to carry out its mission. 
The Teammates team up with each child and run a race in their honor, giving them the medal they receive at the annual Medal Giving Ceremony.  CB Hudson is Hayden's rockstar teammate.
The High School Teams welcome the children into their programs with open arms, giving them opportunities that they never imagined having due to their conditions.  Hayden's team has been Lake Travis Football.

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PK said...

What an honor and a blessing it is to be part of this organization.
We are so proud of Hayden and support him & his family spiritually
and emotionally every step on the way.
Thank you, Hayden, for all the good you do for others.
You stepped up for your team and made them all winners!
You are truly a gift to life, BIG boy ~!
with so much love,
Patricia Matthews &
cousin Ian Matthews in Morgantown, WV