Friday, February 24, 2017

CC4C and lots of Lake Travis Love

One of the most unusual things about our family and our life is our opportunity to meet extraordinary people in our community.  The love and goodness of the individuals in our community has flooded our family and overwhelmed us.
Anytime there is a valentine's party for my little ones, that means I get to be busy making them for those that have a hard time cutting and coloring.  Hayden is considered tetraplegic, so thank goodness for the digital age.  The one above was the best I could do this year.  It had many technical difficulties and  for someone who used to do yearbooks for schools for years, this was not the product I was hoping for but settled due to time.  Little did I know, that the few hours I put into making the valentines would be reciprocated 10 fold.  
CC4C paid a visit to Hayden and delivered by the an amazing amount of goodies to his class with his champion buddy, CB Hudson.  The ladies seem to nudge CB out of the way.
This kid loves his class, teachers and school.  I give complete credit to the educators that make his classroom inclusion.  This picture is worth a thousand words on why it works.  Education, self esteem, service, community and most of all love.
Below is the result of reading and going through valentines for 3 hours and hanging them to celebrate all the way through the next few weeks including Hayden's 8th birthday.  The kids had a blast but mom did most of the work;).  I just couldn't begin to hang the entire basket of little valentines the kids got, so they made it on the stander on the right.

We had a great valentines day.  Hayden upgraded his box this year to be in line with all his life or urology and GI battles but not quite yet appropriate 2nd grade potty humor.
Be sure to read the french with the french accent.
Garrett's 1st Valentine box.

Flowers from my sweet Valentine!
My cutest little sunday school Sunbeam, Garret,t and his buddy for life Charlie.  Aren't they the cutest!
Garrett started making these at our family respite vacation camp John Marc near Dallas.
My pretty Valentine, Hanna.
The only time she will let me do heart hair.

Thank you Pi Beta Phi at UT, The Lake Travis Swim Team, the Lake Travis Athletic Department thanks to coach Hank Carter, Lake Travis Pals, Lake Travis Football Team & Lakeway Elementary.

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