Saturday, September 5, 2015

Raising a Texas Cheerleader & Friday Night Lights

 Hanna has a new squad and all new friends.  She is also the oldest by a year and a head taller.  She just couldn't take the picture without her poms.
 This is her third year as a cheerleader and she absolutely is loving it.
 LTYA cheer is the smallest that it has been in the past three years.
 My tall big girl.  I can't believe she is getting so big.
 This is the first game of the year where the little kids get to run out with the Friday night Varsity team.  Friday night lights in Texas is a very big deal.
 Hanna is running out in the center of this picture with her poms held high.
Our back yard backs to the high school, so we can hear everything without seeing anything.  Kind of crazy to hear all the sounds coming out of the woods.
 One of our favorite cheerleaders, Cecily, helping Hayden see past all the people that park their fannies in his face.  The fire code enforcer kept getting mad at us for wheeling him up.  The handicapped seats are terrible that they are right in line with all the people walking in front of you.  Only if they wouldn't let all the people block him from his view.  This year was at least better that they didn't have the trash dumpsters parked in the handicapped spots.  Not worth the hassle but it was worth seeing his sister run out onto the field.
 We will take a break from Friday night lights for at least 12 years until this little guy Garrett who loves football starts playing here.
 She LOVES the spotlight.
 She will not sacrifice form even if she does take out the innocent girl next to her.
 Does your high school have a jumbo-tron?  Hmmm maybe the district will eventually find $ for the playgrounds too:).

 I love the face of the sweet girl next to Hanna with the face of terror as they run out of the helmet.  Hayden's classmate on the left of the picture is so priceless.

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