Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mexico Stem Cells and Disney pictures

We absolutely loved our trip to Mexico. Hindsight has shown us just how good people in the world can be.
Casa Bedlamitos was a refuge in the storm of the stem cell journey.
We can't believe the generosity and love that was shown to us to let us stay in this beautiful home.

Smelling the flowers that were all along our path to the beach.
Strong man carrying both boys down the cliff to the beach.

Rescuing a pelican that had gotten tangled in a fishing hook and line.
Finding balance in the tide.
Hanna was in love with the ocean!
The greatest association of amazing people I never knew I would be honored to be associated with.
Hayden having a blast at the music therapy during kids camp.

Garrett loving the Disney resort pool.
Hanna's babies loving her own bed and wonderful resort backboard.
Sidewalk chalk art with friends at camp.
 A great group of kids at Spina Bifida Camp from all over the country 5 & under
Buddies that we met when Hayden was just 2 at the first conference at Disney
The joy of making a new Fire Engine Mater

Hanna making her best duck face at the Rain Forest Cafe
Not the most exciting sign to see when you are at a national conference for the birth defect Spina Bifida.
On of Princess's favorite rides

Our first trip to California adventure and better than we could have imagined!  Thanks Christi!!

Mater says, "tractors are so dumb"

Can't believe he talks and drives by himself!

This was just simply too much!  He LOVES Mater!
Oh happy day!

Garrett didn't have the fine appreciation of the rides that the other two had.
Great parking for the parade
Thanks for the bubbles Woody & Toy Story!
All day at California adventure and all night at Disneyland.

Can you guess who she is today?

My favorite ride is Whinny the Poo.
The best, easy going baby around!
Different day, different princess?  No that was a wardrobe change.  We were very lucky that we stood in line for the restocking of the Elsa dress that had been sold out all week.
Yes the real Elsa waived at Hanna and it was a moment she won't soon forget!

Sorry Ariel, you are now second favorite.
Hayden got out his sword and look who came and shook his hand.

This about sums it up.  People kept stopping Hanna to tell her how pretty she was.  All the while, Hayden was talking to the train conductor and getting special stickers tossed down to him.

Disney treated us wonderfully.  It was the most joyous blessed time.  Every night we were exhausted from being so happy.

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