Sunday, January 5, 2014

1st Family of 5 photo session

 Thanks to the magic, creativity and patience of Wendy Bushman Photography, we got our first family photos (and Christmas cards).  It couldn't have been a better day at Emma Long city park.  Everything went perfectly.
 There was just too much love.  Everyone wanted to hug Hayden & sit on Daddy's lap.
 Oh my what big blue eyes you have Hayden.
 Hanna was hard to keep away from the water and the nature around her.
 Garrett is still not quite ready to do it alone.  He pushes this all over the apartment, which doesn't get him very far.
 We call him Garrett on the go.
 Wendy's lovely assistant kept the kids while we got our brief shot alone.
 Garrett doesn't just give away smiles, he has to really like you.
 Scott trying to inspire some karate moves.
 Hayden loves his Daddy.

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