Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scott's 1st half marathon, Hogge Family visit & Easter

We had the best time cheering on Scott and congratulating at his first 13.1 mile race!  We traveled to Waco for the Bearathon half marathon held at Baylor University.
It was a beautiful but hilly course and we were all so proud that he ran in his Spina Bifida shirt that he bought for the NYC marathon team.
Handsome Hayden and Beautiful Hanna's Rise School pictures.  We were so pleased we bought the whole CD.  If you want any, just let us know:).

Fancy Nancy's teacher's name is Ms. Glass.  Well so is Hanna's.  She loves Ms. Glass and thinks she is pretty fancy in her shirt she made in class.
Hayden wasn't really into the candy but loved collecting eggs.  

The Rise school Easter egg hunt.  Hanna and Hayden are by the funny looking bunny.
Hayden's teacher is Mr. D. He is so wonderful with the little kids and especially Hayden.

Bear Paw and Kiki came to Austin for Easter and we all rode the new commuter train.  Hayden is obsessed with trains.  Photos curtesy of Hanna.

Hanna is a tinsy bit competitive.  She was on a mission to get those eggs.

Hayden chillin' wondering what all the big deal was about these eggs.

All the egg hunting made Hanna work up a sweat and who knew that April would be our first trip to the pool.
Hanna bought her own Easter dress.  She even picked it out on-line as she was very specific about what she wanted.  She saves good behavior/chore marbles in a jar and when she earns enough, she can get something she has wanted for a long time.  She was ecstatic to say the least when the package arrived.
Our third egg hunt was on Easter in our back yard.
Bear Paw and Kiki had to head home but we had a wonderful visit.

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